The Omni Stimulator BELIES expectations… I’ve recommended this product to many in the self-improvement industry and watched on as they’ve reached all new levels of creativity and drive! The Omni Stimulator is truly a life-changing technology!

Marc Slater – Director of eReflect #1 Educational Software

Be A Better You with tDCS

There’s nothing worse than knowing deep down like you could be getting more out of your life but are feeling held back… So many people know within themselves that they can do better and tDCS has many answers. The old saying “He who controls his mind, controls his life” is very true. Here at Omni we want to help you be the best version of yourself you can be by giving you a mind enhancing tDCS kit in a smart portable design that you can take anywhere when you’re in need of a boost.

What is tDCS?

Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) is an amazing tool for those who feel they could do better or want more out of life. Millions of people lack motivation at times, want to think sharper or feel they are in a bit of a slump and want to enhance their life experience.

tDCS can enhance cognitive performance, including mood, memory, focus & creativity. Think of tDCS as giving your brain a boost like a flat battery in need of a charge giving you an advantage that for many users has been life changing!

Thanks to Omni tDCS is available to everyone with a 1 Year Money Back Guarantee (no risk to you). Omni is excited to be at the forefront of this technology bringing tDCS to you at an extremely affordable rate!

Is tDCS Really that Amazing?

Study after study has concluded that tDCS can give you an edge, enhance your memory, improve your focus and mood. When any of these things in your life are not at their peak, you’re not living your potential.

  • If you want to improve your mood… Omni is for you
  • If you want to increase creativity… Omni is for you
  • If you want to think sharper and more focused… Omni is for you
  • If you are sick of feeling you can do better in life… Yes Omni is for you!

The Omni Stimulator has been the choice for many who want a full tDCS kit (no hidden fees) with a new winning design (focused on your results) at absolutely no financial risk to you… We challenge anyone to offer what Omni is offering at our price… And we haven’t even mentioned the expensive bonus software we give you for FREE!

Is tDCS Safe?

Absolutely… tDCS uses only a small current of electricity. The Omni Stimulator is powered by a 9 volt battery, which makes electrical danger impossible. tDCS only requires a maximum current of 2mA which is considered safe, non-invasive and extremely mild. Omni recommends starting at our lowest setting of 0.5mA with 1mA being the recommended setting for most users.

Who is benefiting from using Omni Stimulator right now?

Our customers are from all walks of life, professions and backgrounds. Some may feel like they are in a slump and others are looking for that winning edge.

However, all of our customers have one thing in common, they want to improve themselves in some way…

Being the best version of you is what we can all achieve with Omni!

How Do I use the Omni Stimulator?

Using the Omni Stimulator is easy and it comes with complete instructions.

5 Easy Steps

It’s That Simple

Why Omni Has Been Voted #1?

  • Our voltage regulation system uses extra components to act as a safeguard against any inaccurate readings which make our system more efficient.
  • Our cables are sourced carefully, and manufactured from the highest quality elements during assembly, to ensure their longevity and usefulness.
  • An exclusive feature to Omni are our Omni Sponge Electrodes that were designed to give you a secure connection… A problem with the majority of tDCS devices.
  • We back our device with a 1 year Money Back Guarantee and a 5 year Warranty which is unheard of!

A Safe Accurate Reading Every Time!

Praise for the Omni Stimulator

“The Omni Stimulator has made a huge difference in my life… I feel excited for life every day, I’m alert, I feel on top of the world.”

Joel David (Sydney Australia)

“I’ve spent a fortune on self-help programs looking for answers as to why I feel down and unmotivated. I purchased Omni Stimulator and though I had my doubts the money back guarantees reassured me that I had nothing to lose financially. If you’ve been burnt on a purchase before I can reassure you this has been the best thing I’ve purchased for myself in years.

Rob H

“To put it simply… It works! That says a lot considering all the different things I have tried over the years including drugs to accelerate my thinking without any real noticeable benefit. Well with Omni I noticed a big difference. The money back guarantee removed any hesitation I had in purchasing the product.

Tim Botskor (Florida, USA)

“The Omni Stimulator is truly a gift. Well made, fast delivery and it’s fantastic for your memory!”

A. Allen (New York, USA)

“Because there’s so much garbage sold online I was doubtful… But once it arrived I was impressed. Since I’ve been using it and I’m only 3 weeks in I can feel a noticeable change for the better. The biggest difference for me is the clarity of thought and a sense of calm that wasn’t there before. I’m generally a skeptical person so it’s nice to see a company deliver the goods they promise.”

Ryan F

“It’s been a week and I can already see a cognitive improvement including mood and memory. This device will put you on the right track if you want to enhance your mind! If you have any queries their customers service is super fast. If I had to rate their service and the unit I’d give both a 10/10”

Gary Cooper (France)

As if this were not enough…

We are offering 2 free bonus software programs!

Special Bonus Today…

Extras: The Omni Stimulator comes with the acclaimed Ultimate Memory PC Software from eReflect.

Valued at $69.95

An important tool to use in conjunction with the Omni Stimulator to boost your short term and long term memory. Instant Download.

  • Word recall and language
  • Facts and numbers memory
  • Visual memory
  • Abstract pattern memory
  • Directional memory
  • Names memory
  • Spatial memory

Special offer 2: Vocabulary Builder

Vocabulary is essential. From an analytical, ‘academic’ level vocabulary is extremely important. Highly intelligent people do generally have a larger vocabulary. Academics tend to use language in a more articulate way and are able to do this in context… This is what Confidence in Context offers!

This is a full 10 hour audio program digitally recorded and available for instant download when buying the Omni Stimulator. This course is now selling for $97.00 but is yours free with our limited license. This is the perfect companion to the Omni Brain Stimulator tDCS device… The license is limited to 200 though and we have already sold 174, so take advantage of bonus 2 while we still have the license.
Instant Download.

So what would you expect to pay for this?


Other tDCS Kits that offer far less cost between $700 & $1,200.

We were quoted $349 to rent a professional tDCS unit… A generic brand of Brain Stimulation technology costs $169 and it didn’t stop there… With these systems there are hidden charges for clips, cables and pads.

The Omni Stimulator (a professional portable tDCS Brain Stimulator kit) is available for just $169 (Sale $99.00) plus bonuses with EVERYTHING you need included!

Invest in the Omni Stimulator tDCS Kit right now and we will let you have it for just $99.00 with 1 Year Money Back Guarantee! That’s less than the price for a good cup of coffee everyday for a month.

For a limited time – we will also throw in FREE shipping


Our current stock of Omni Simulators will run out soon and – much as we try to avoid it – there is bound to be an increase in the price for the next batch – so – if you are thinking seriously about tDCS – now is the time to buy.

Omni tDCS Kit SALE!

Normally $169.00
Today Only $99.00 + Free International Shipping

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