Omni Meter

Best Testing Meter or Your Money-Back

Why Omni Has Been Voted #1?


Our voltage tester system uses extra components to safeguard against inaccurate readings, making our system more efficient.


Our cables are sourced carefully & manufactured from the highest quality elements during assembly to ensure their longevity and usefulness.


An exclusive feature of Omni Meter is our Omni electrodes designed to give accurate meter measuring.

Portable Design

The Omni Meter is designed to take anywhere. So when you're in need to test your items it is travel handy.

What Our Customers Say

“The Omni Meter gives you an accurate reading every time."
Joel David
Omni Customer
"Well made, fast delivery. Exceptional customer support.”
A. Allen
Omni Customer
If you have any queries their customers service is super fast. If I rate their service and unit I’d give both 10/10”
Gary Cooper
Omni Customer

Our Customers Needs Come First

with over 10 Years experience Our design, durability and usability focused on giving you the best Meter possible.

Omni is available to everyone with a 1 Year Money-Back Guarantee (no risk to you).

We are so confident that you will love the Omni that if you’re not happy, we are offering a 1 year no questions asked money-back guarantee!

Free Bonus Software

Vocabulary is essential. From an analytical, ‘academic’ level vocabulary is extremely important. Highly intelligent people do generally have a larger vocabulary. Academics tend to use language in a more articulate way and are able to do this in context… This is what Confidence in Context offers!

Ultimate Memory
  •  Word recall and language
  •  Facts and numbers memory
  •  Visual memory
  •  Directional memory
  •  Names memory
  •  Spatial memory

Omni is Unbeatable Value

Money-Back Guarantee

Each Omni sold comes with our iron-clad 1-Year Money-Back Guarantee.

5-Year Warranty

We are so confident that the Omni will last we have provided a 5 year warranty

Free Worldwide Shipping

We provide Free Global Shipping. For faster delivery we have an option for express delivery.

1-Day Shipping

Tracking is provided when items are shipped. Items are shipped within 1 business day.


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Tracking is provided when items are dispatched. Items are shipped within 1 business day.


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1-Year Guarantee. If you’re not happy with the product just return it within 365 days.



Tracking is provided when items are dispatched. Items are shipped within 1 business day.

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